Time Won’t Tell

Time Won't TellErik Berns has written a book. It’s the kind of book that puts what we can or can’t do into perspective, as time usually does -or doesn’t. The kind that makes you wonder if ‘redeeming the time’ even happens? Or is it just a wish that never comes true from generation to generation? It’s a light read which brings attention to the mysterious nature of time and what it does to our lives without asking for permission. At some point, it speaks optimistically of how the protagonist – aptly named Now – could possibly solve the dilemma he’s faced with, making me think I’m about to find the interesting solution to an age old problem. The entire story is actually a clever play on words, which Erik Berns maintains from start to finish. It ends abruptly, in a way that leaves you wishing for more. …Wonder what this author will come up with next.

To find Erik Berns‘ book, click on his name.

The months are a family of twelve.

Some are warm and some are cold.

They weren’t allowed to speak to Now,

but they don’t always do as they are told.

-Erik Berns


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