On Camaraderie

It’s nice to see that some of you are still out there. I’ve been touring the blogs of those of you I connected with a couple of years ago. Some have shut down their blogs. Some are still around (it’s nice to see you again).

One blogger has deleted his site but left an extensive Gravatar profile -quite a funny one, I might add. There was talk of having been a photographer for 8 years but dreading turning professional. It’s better when it’s just for fun, right. There’s less pressure to be ____. More room to experiment.

But even given the pressure, some of you have become published authors. It’s so good to see you thriving. I see a collection of short stories here. A poetry anthology there. You all are creating so much new material to go through. And I keep wondering what I will find next.

Some of you still sound the same. These days I’m amazed at people who are consistent. How do you do it?

To be honest, I didn’t realize I missed you until I started visiting your blogs again -which was initially done out of curiosity. But, well, there you are. I did.

Image: favim.com

Image: favim.com

The blogging community is a nice place to be and I enjoyed meeting you all: bloggers, readers and bloggers/readers.

I don’t know what I’ll be writing about for the rest of this year but something tells me it will have something to do with camaraderie and friendship.

Until the next post: Take good care of yourself.

To the past, I say, “What has been, has been.” No point in coddling you anymore.

A nod to the present.

Cheers to the future.


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