25th of May

Allow me to introduce Ernest Mackina, a dear friend, university lecturer and Zimbabwean poet. Africa Day falls on May 25, with the purpose of celebrating the African people and African ways. In this poem, Ernest chooses to relate a personal experience that leaves him unpleasant memories and gives the particular date a new meaning.

Image: trueafricanpaintings.com

That’s this day
The twenty fifth of May –
Africa Day
It’s been four years

Trembling, left scared
The scar on my back left me scarred
Ruthless, villainous, heartless villains
With a care less:
Pretense: “Queens Park ?- Lets go”

In the car, the darkness of the night reveals their sinister intentions – Violent robbery. The grey Toyota Camry speeds down Collenbrander in North-end. The driver passes his accomplice riding shotgun a gun. He turns over, looks at me, and orders me to give him all my money. I ask myself “A mugging in the happening?”

Yes, and I was in the center of it.
Insults hurled… blows delivered.
Half an hour – felt like forever
As the three gangsters, acting as a fluid cahoot
Made it lucid as my dignity they would loot.

The car halts, abruptly
Tossed out, skin greeted by the cold sharp pebbles
And a whiplash
As the whip lashes on my back
Now a scar on my back –
Four years later…
I see it every time I take a shower,
Ask myself : How hard
will it be?
To erase this memory
But instead I let it be;
Chose to let it mould my reality

Copyright © Ernest Mackina

For more poetry and articles from Ernest, please go ahead and click on the following link: Untitled Chronicles.


7 thoughts on “25th of May

  1. A powerful piece; one can’t fully comprehend why there is evil and why some chose to be vessels that bring doom upon others. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Reblogged this on UntitledChronicles and commented:
    Ladies and Gentleman, If I may have your attention : Kindly take the time to read this piece which is based on a personal experience that I had some years back. It is entitled ’25th of May’ and was featured on the #AmatersQuill blog. Thank you in advance.

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