Thank you for a great year!

Thank youI have come across so many brilliant people through this blog. Photographers, writers, fashionistas, reviewers… It’s inspiring coming across what you do. There is always a site I can visit to read about someone who is working on becoming a better person, sharing their talent or passing on a kind word.

We are spread out all over the world and yet the concepts we live by are similar. We are ordinary people yet in our own ways we are changing the world. Your words are incredibly powerful. From the many inspiring words I read and images I see, I sometimes think that surely someone’s post might have saved a life or led to a life-altering decision. There are people whose blogs I visit, only to feel unexpectedly miserable when I realize their next post isn’t up yet. It is in those moments that I realize what a difference it makes to read your words.

The year is drawing to a close now and I am at a loss for ways to thank you all for an amazing blogging experience. I continue to scribble and post, hardly considering myself a writer. It’s such a pleasure when somebody comes around, actually reads what I wrote and says they loved it or connected with it. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your readership. The Amateur’s Quill is about a year old this month (counting from when I started creating the blog). To everyone who has ever dropped by: your views, comments, likes and award nominations have pleasantly surprised me, motivated me and encouraged me to publish what I might have shelved.

So thank you for your priceless contributions to my year. Once again, I remember that umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (I am because we are).

Have a merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year!



10 thoughts on “Thank you for a great year!

  1. meeting people the experience of visiting a blog..and the manner in which each one feels happy, that words written were read and like a small but needed token for the effort..I feel happy too..when anyone reads what I wrote :)) Congrats on completing a year, hear me if you can hear, read me when I am not clear , remember me if you think I am a dear ..and like me when I am clear.

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